Resources for lesson plans, activity suggestions, and general classroom help related to social studies for kids are all available here.

Lesson Plans and Educational Activities’s Geography Guide provides a list of links for educational sites and resources related to geography.

Social Studies – Ancient Civilizations
Lesson plans and online resources related to ancient civilizations are supplied by the Guide for K-6 Educators.

Save hours of wasted time, searching for subjects with this must-have tool. This site has search engines specifically designed to find teaching materials. Five different levels of search, depending on how narrow a search you want.

Discovery School
Lesson plans are arranged by subject and grade range.

Ancient Egypt – Lesson Plans for Teachers
Using Ancient Egypt as the theme these lesson plans include art, language arts, math and science, mummies and social studies.

Academy Curricular Exchange – Social Studies (K-5)
Simple lesson plans giving different perspectives on the US Social Studies curriculum, submitted by teachers. They are especially good for the younger age group.

Primary Resources
A limited number of printable resources are available for the UK National curriculum. General geography and some history topics are covered.

Geography Education: Grades K-4
Lesson plans and resources for teaching geography are available to teachers of k-4.

Geography Education: Grades 5-8
Delve into these lesson plans and resources for teaching geography to grades 5-8

Current Lesson Plans Index – SSEC
New lesson plans are added each month to this site, which has lesson plans according to grade level.