What is Light?

by Nancy Sutthoff If you were to ask someone the above question they may well look at you as if you were either joking or just a bit nutty. They may even tell you they think you are. That is fine. They will not have read this article so therefore, they may think they know […]

What Causes the Seasons

As you have seen, the Earth is tilted and direct light causes more heat than indirect light. Remembering your walk around the chair, and how the tilt is at each point, can you work it out? This is how it works. When the Northern hemisphere is pointing at the sun, sunlight falls most directly on […]

Birds of Prey

Amongst the winged species of the animal kingdom, people are most ignorant about the birds of prey. In fact, it is surprising to note that there are quite a few in this world who don’t know hawks from eagles or that the owl is actually a nocturnal bird. Still many more don’t even know what […]

Animals and Adaptations

In order for animals to survive, they need to be able to adapt. In this lesson we will look at the types of adaptations animals can and do make. In a perfect world, animals would not need to adapt. However, with constant changes to their environment, food chain and climate, animals must adapt or face […]

Changes in Matter Investigation

How Can Water Change? Investigate: You will need: Four ice cubes Three plastic plates or bowls A pot Paper and pencil to record your results Method: Put one ice cube in each plate or bowl. Put them in different places around the room. Put one in the sun by a window, or under a desk […]

Solar System and Weather Earth Science Unit

Earth Science Articles deal with various subjects relating to the planet we live on. Also termed as Geoscience, the subject is a unique case in planetary science due to its exclusive life form. The subject also often involves physics, geology, mathematics, chemistry and biology for a comprehensive knowledge of the Earth’s functioning. The various branches […]

Changes in Matter Experiment

How Much Water Does an Apple Contain? Try this experiment to see how much liquid an apple contains. You will need: Half an apple, with the core removed A balance A shallow pan Kitchen paper Method: Weigh the apple. Record the weight. Carefully cut the apple into thin slices (it needs a sharp knife, so […]

Endangered Orangutans

The word orangutan comes from Malaysian language and it means “man of the forest”. They are often called red apes because of their reddish hair. Orangutans are highly intelligent and gentle. They are the largest tree dwelling animals in the world. They live about 100 feet above the rainforest grounds on the islands of Borneo […]

Earth’s Tilt

The Earth is a sphere. It can be divided into two hemispheres, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The best way to understand this is to make a model. You will need an orange, or any other spherical object that you can pierce, a marker and a knitting needle skewer or sharp, thin stick. Take the […]