Matter – Physical Science Unit

States of Matter Know about the different states of matter? Matters of the heart, money matters and family matters. Well, not exactly! When you talk about states of matter, things actually take a turn towards Physics and Chemistry. And these pertain to matters like solid, liquid and gas. What is Matter? Before probing into the […]

More Science Lessons

We are pleased to be able to offer quality science units. We are busy formatting and uploading them.  Keep checking back! Ready Now Physical Science: Matter Unit  (Grades 1-3) Earth Science: The Solar System & Weather (Grades 1-3) Facts about Zebras (Grades 3-6) Birds of Prey (Grades 1-4) Coming Soon Life Science: Living Things Grow […]

Changes in Matter Science Lesson

Different Forms Water Takes? Water can be a solid, liquid or gas. When it is a solid it is ice or snow. When it is a gas it is water vapor, or steam. Changing the Temperature of Water Water comes in three different forms. It can be a solid (ice) a liquid (water) or a […]

Animal Classification

Classifying Animals When you classify an animal you place it in the group to which it belongs. All animals are divided into groups. The major groups are fairly simple. Each group is then divided into smaller groups, and divided again, until you eventually place the animal in its exact position in the classification of the […]

Four Seasons

Most places on Earth experience four seasons every year. These are spring, summer, fall (or autumn) and winter. Here we are going to find out why we have different seasons. The seasons are caused by a combination of things. The Earth is tilted as it moves around the sun. Direct sunlight produces more heat than […]

What is Color?

by Nancy Sutthoff The Electromagnetic Spectrum The entire electromagnetic spectrum is made up of ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared. The human eye can only see the light sector of the spectrum. That is Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. (ROY G BIV is how I was taught to remember it in school). These […]

Facts About Zebras

Inquisitive to know the facts about zebras? And why? Because you have just been stumped with the question, “With zebras, is it black over white or the other way around?” a perennial favorite with riddle lovers. Zebras may not possess the feline charm of a leopard or the cuddliness of a koala, the majesty of […]

“Ology” and “Onomy” Terms in Science

by Nancy Sutthoff Ology/onomy are Greek words which mean “the study of”. As a matter of fact, many of the words used in science tend to have both Greek and Latin “roots”. You may have already begun to study Greek and Latin root words as part of your regular Language Arts/English classes. However, for this […]

What is Light?

by Nancy Sutthoff If you were to ask someone the above question they may well look at you as if you were either joking or just a bit nutty. They may even tell you they think you are. That is fine. They will not have read this article so therefore, they may think they know […]