Sea Turtles Vocabulary Passage

Instructions: Read the passage. Think about the meanings of the highlighted words.  There is a debate about the name “sea turtles” Turtles tortoises and terrapins all belong to the same order. Tortoises live on land, terrapins live in fresh water and turtles live in salt water. So, turtles by definition should be sea animals! However […]

Spelling List Week 9

Spelling List – Grade 7 – Week 9  Announce Magazine Addressed Publication Editor Urge Advantage Reasonable Bargain Assured Signature Royal Consent Literature Pretend Coin Possibly Command Penmanship In order to view these worksheets you will need the ADOBE ACROBAT READER. It is free just click on name and download it! Week 9 Worksheets There is […]

Themed Writing Paper

Themed writing is a literary work that conveys an outlook to some aspect of life. The theme is the focal thought that the author expresses in the form of an opinion or an issue about human life and experience. The author may have his own exclusive views, which not every reader may see eye to […]

ABC Uppercase Letters

To start with a child’s education, it’s essential to familiarize him/her with the alphabets. Thus, teaching the ABC uppercase letters or capital letters happen to be the foremost step of doing so. It’s not only sufficient for kids to recite the letters in order but it’s essential to recognize them out of sequence. After this, […]

Vocabulary Exercises Ideas

Other exercises can include word searches, crossword puzzles, complete the paragraph etc. You can also use the words to teach other aspects of Language arts, such as opposites, compound words, nouns, adjectives etc, The type of exercise you do is up to you, and the list of words available. Links: This list of links provides […]

Teaching Contextual Vocabulary

There are two main approaches to teaching vocabulary. One, the list approach, gives a list of words and their meanings. The list may or may not be related to the topics the student is currently studying. The second approach, the contextual approach, relies on students ascertaining the meaning of words through reading, and related activities. […]

Make A Glossary

This activity combines different skills from language arts. It improves vocabulary and can be used for alphabetizing practice and sentence structure. Students in older grades can also state what type of word each word is. It can be used for any subject, and is especially good for things like science, where children tend to forget […]

Reading Activities

Some children just naturally love to read, and others are what are known as reluctant readers. People will often tell you that their child just loves to read because they were read to from an early age. This works with some children, but others don’t want to sit still long enough to read or be […]

More Reading Activities

Learning More Words Activity 1: Pictures. Use old magazines, pictures from the computer or even hand drawn pictures. Make a collage on a large poster size sheet of paper. The collage can be haphazard or depict a scene. Ask the child to name items in the collage. Write he things they name on small slips […]

Language Arts Games

If you want to add some fun to the language-teaching curriculum, there is no better way than Language Arts Games. To do this, all you need to do is find games that combine language art forms like novels, poetry, songs and others with some playful activities. The language arts (also called English Studies at the […]