Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova, born in 1937, was the first woman in space. In 1963, she spent 3 days in space and orbited the earth 48 times. Valentina was the youngest of three children. Her father was a tractor driver. He fought with the Soviet Army in World War II and was killed before she was three […]

Note to Parents Regarding the Events of 9-11-2001

This latest topic has been written with a heavy heart and much soul searching. My initial reaction was to ignore the appalling events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, here on my site. I felt that children needed a safe haven and place to escape the horrors that will be imprinted, forever, on our hearts. However, […]


Hatshepsut was born in about 1473 BC and disappeared from view in about 1458 BC. It is unclear if she died then, or was deposed and left public office. Hatshepsut was the first woman to rule Egypt as a Pharaoh. Other women had reigned as Queens, but never as a Pharaoh. The difference between a […]

The Sphinx: Guardian of the Tombs

Standing to the north, and slightly below the pyramids at Giza is the Sphinx. It is made of limestone. The body and head were cut from a single limestone rock, present at the site. The paws were added on after. With the head of a human and a lion’s body, it has guarded the site […]

Let’s Play Ostrich

It’s OK to want to play Ostrich sometimes. Sometimes things happen that are just too painful to think about. Even grownups have a hard time with it. This is a picture of a little friend of mine, called Kevin.   He is two years old in this picture. It looks just like any picture of […]

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in the village of Domremy in North Eastern France. Her parents were peasants, and Joan never attended school. Like all children of the working classes in those days, she helped with chores from an early age. She was deeply religious and spent hours praying in the church. From […]


Papyrus reeds played a very important part in the life of the Ancient Egyptians. This plant, found along the banks of the Nile River grew easily in the fertile soil, and often reached a height of as much as ten feet. It had many uses, the most well-known being in the production of a form […]


Stonehenge is probably the world’s best-known megalithic site. A megalith is a standing stone monument. Situated on Salisbury Plain in Southern England, it has been associated with all sorts of astronomical and religious myths. On June 21, each year thousands of visitors collect for a festival to mark the summer solstice, or mid-summer. It consists […]

Patricia S. Cowings: African American Scientist

Patricia S. Cowings is another great African American woman. She was the first woman to take astronaut training at NASA. Although she never took off, she has helped many astronauts through her research. Patricia Suzanne Cowings was born in New York City on December 15, 1948. Her father owned a grocery store, and her mother […]

Sidney Poitier: Black American Actor

Sidney Poitier was the first black man to win an academy award for best actor. Throughout his film career he has taken on roles that highlight the situation of the black man in a white world. Poitier’s interest in the plight of the black people goes far beyond acting. He is a writer and director […]