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Language Arts Activities

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Make A Glossary
This activity combines grammar and vocabulary skills. It can be adapted for students of any age. It can be used with any area of study including science and social studies.
Spelling lists, tips and tricks.
Tricks and tips for improving spelling, along with weekly spelling lists by grade level.

New lists added regularly.


Vocabulary learned through contextual passages is much more fun than list learning. Read the passage and then complete the exercises.


Fun activities for reluctant readers and beginners. These are suggestions for ways to improve reading that don't include books!

1st Grade Reading
4th Grade Reading
Language Arts Games
ABC Lowercase Letters
Glossary Example
Make A Glossary
Reading Activities
More Reading Activities
Themed Writing Paper
ABC Uppercase Letters
Contextual Vocabulary Exercise
Scrambled Vocabulary Words
Vocabulary Exercises Ideas
Teaching Contextual Vocabulary
Contextual Vocabulary Games
Sea Turtles Vocabulary Passage
Contextual Word Puzzle
Spelling Rules
Spelling List Week 1
Spelling List Week 2
Spelling List Week 3
Spelling List Week 11
Spelling List Week 13
Spelling List Week 15
Spelling List Week 17
Spelling List Week 19
Spelling List Week 4
Spelling List Week 6
Spelling List Week 8
Plural Nouns with "s" Sound
Short Vowel Sounds
Spelling Lists
Spelling List Week 10
Spelling List Week 12
Spelling List Week 14
Spelling List Week 16
Spelling List Week 9
Short Vowel Tricks
Spelling List Week 5
Spelling List Week 18
Spelling List Week 20
Spelling Lessons and Tips
Spelling List Week 7
Week 2
Week 3
English Grammar
Phonics Games
Reading Comprehension
Proposal Writing
Poetry Online
Poems for Funerals
Narrative Poems
Mother's Day Poems
Mother Poems
Mom Poems
Publish Poems
Poems About Dogs
Love Poems
Kindergarten Poems
Kids Poems
Inspirational Poems
Inspiration Poems
Handwriting Without Tears
Handwriting Recognition
Handwriting Paper
Handwriting for Kids
Handwriting Exercises
Haiku Poems
Gwendolyn Brooks Poems
Grandmother Poems
Graduation Poems
Goodbye Poems
Friendship Poems
Family Poems
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