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History Articles

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history articles
American Flag Unit
How Money Began
Community Helpers
Colonies #2: The Reasons for Colonization
Elizabeth Blackwell
Pyramids - The Outside
Harriet Tubman
Ancient Egyptian
Cairo Egypt
Egyptian Pyramids
Nile Cruise
Pyramids Giza
Queen Elizabeth
River Nile
The Big Dipper
Colonies #1: A General Overview
World Coming Together
Pyramids - The Inside
Flags at Half Mast
Nile Cruises
How Mummies Were Made
Native Americans
Native North Americans - The Major Groups
Native North Americans - The Effects of Colonization
Pilgrims and Technology
Sidney Poitier: Black American Actor
Mummification / Mummies
Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Nile
Joan of Arc
How Writing Began
Patricia S. Cowings: African American Scientist
Valentina Tereshkova
The Sphinx: Guardian of the Tombs
Note to Parents Regarding the Events of 9-11-2001
Let's Play Ostrich
Black History Month Challenge
Challenge Activites
Black History Month
Pioneer family
Christopher Columbus
History of the Hovercraft
Confederate Flag
Canadian Flag
Pacific Ring of Fire
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